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June’s Ascension Theme: Preparing for Light!

Hello Awakened Soul!

June’s Ascension energies focus us on creating strong and healthy energetic and emotional boundaries as we prepare for a massive influx of Light from the cosmos between the July 23rd Full Moon and the August 8th Gateway (8:8). To facilitate this up shift in frequency we need to focus on healing our bodies, resting our minds, continuing to release the past, and maintaining the highest resonance for our vibrational fields prior to and during this time period.

Consciousness is changing on our planet in the next 3 months such as we have never seen in the history of humankind! Those that have been working on their self-worth, sovereignty, integrity, empowerment, compassion and self-responsibility are now moving to the next phase of anchoring and living in the New Earth 5th Dimensional timeline. Our True Selves and our Divine Blueprints are unfolding at an accelerated pace!

Not only are our 7th and 8th strands of DNA being further (re)activated, our 11th and 12th strands will also now be (re)activated to a new level due to the growing crystalline attunement of our pineal gland. This further unlocks and downloads information from the higher chakras (9-12), and our Divine Blueprint, the soul essence of who we are and knowing why we are here. All of this requires a major adjustment in our body, heart, and mind to “meet” and integrate this incredible upgrade. We are attuning to Unity consciousness where we further integrate our masculine and feminine, as well as merge with Spirit and flow with all life. We can feel this now with the amount of intense dreaming, releasing, grieving, less mental strife, and being more “settled” in ourselves.

So now is the time to trust our ever-growing wise hearts and let go, to loosen our hold on our issues, challenges, and power struggles. To trust that all is working out as it should even if it does not appear so in the external, material world, as a dissolution of the old densities of trauma, abuse, corruption, control, and fear are being manifested and will be revealed at the right time. So it is best to surrender now, to rest, to just Be, to release what we think and follow what we feel. And allow ourselves to be nourished by love, faith and non-judgement of ourselves and others. As we do this any suffering will ease and we will make space for new possibilities, new choices, and abundance to appear.

Psychospiritual and physical symptoms for June: It’s important to not give up and to release anything that is troubling or concerning you. You are tired and in need of rest and self-care. Allow Spirit, angels, and guides to help you. Mercury Retrograde begins May 29th and will deepen your healing process. Let the universe serve up elegant solutions at the right time.

Look at and commit to where you can balance your life and do what you need to do for yourself! “No more singing for your supper.”

Search for the deeper spiritual purpose and opportunity for healing beneath any current challenges, conflict, or suffering. Through this you are learning to embrace your Sovereign archetype, tap into stormy emotions, transform this into genuinely honoring your True Self, and knowing you should be fully seen, loved, and recognized for who you are. Spirit knows this and will honour your evolving discernment. You will more easily know who you can trust, what are your next steps, who is in alignment with your soul’s growth, and who is part of your soul family going forward.

The Sovereign archetype invites you to step into your own authentic power and embrace your co-creative masculine and feminine energies. When you are connected with your authentic power you can maintain healthy personal boundaries and relationships, channel creativity, manifest abundance, and live a life of co-creative service.

Ascension symptoms for June include: wild dreams (increased releasing from the subconscious /Thymus) humming/ringing in the ears, fatigue/exhaustion, grief, low immunity/flu-like symptoms, energy and heat fluctuations in the body, new truths and perspectives, better boundaries, deeper integrity, more creativity, and connecting with your passion and desires, letting go, sadness, more clarity around what you need, anger, frustration, up and down intensity of emotions, emotional sensitivity, throbbing of the throat, dry throat, swollen tonsils/tongue, soreness in the thymus and heart area, jaw/neck tension, plugged/pouring sinuses, stuffed up head/ears, achy, achy/sore joints, heaviness in the chest, poor digestion/pain in solar plexus, some weight gain around middle/cortisol, red/dry eyes, kidney pain, deep heartache and pain, shoulder blade pain, watery/blurry eyes, low-grade headaches, pain behind the eyes.

Cosmic Events
6:6 Gateway: Time to let your True Self shine!
New Moon in/Annular Solar Eclipse in Gemini June-10-2021 4:52 AM MST
Solstice (Summer/Northern, Winter/Southern) June-20-2021 9:32 PM MST
Super Full Moon in Capricorn June-24-2021 12:39 PM MST
Mercury Retrograde
Pre shadow phase: May 14/15 – May 28
Retrograde Phase: May 29 – June 22 (in Gemini)
Post-Shadow Phase: June 23 – July 2
Mercury Retrogrades in 2021 see us boldly re-conceiving ourselves for the next 10 years cycle!

Soheila SGh

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