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“The Hearts’ torus electromagnetic field is not the only source that emits this type of electromagnetic field. Every atom emits the same torus field. The Earth is also at the center of a torus, so is the solar system and even our galaxy…and all are holographic. Scientists believe there is a good possibility that there is only one universal torus encompassing an infinite number of interacting, holographic tori within its spectrum Because electromagnetic torus fields are holographic, it is more than likely that the sum total of our Universe is present within the frequency spectrum of a single torus. This means that each one of us is connected to the entire Universe and as such, can access all the information within it at any given moment. When we get quiet and access what we hold in our Hearts, we are literally connecting to the limitless supply and Wisdom of the Universe, thereby enabling what we perceive as “miracles” to enter into our lives.”

When two or more human Beings meet physically this activates the Universal Torus. Universal Unity Heart resonance information energies are communicated. The Collective Merkabah is activated.

We need to be physical with each other. It is therefore important that we be in sacred space with each other. That we meet and be with each other. We remember to bring ourselves back to the heart center of the here and now. In Joy celebration gratitude and love.

The current situation that so many of us have been in has created a distancing in an attempt to disrupt this Universal Torus. To enforce the idea and programming of separation.

We communicate with our hearts intelligence so much more than words sentences ideas limited to the ego-mind. So the denser lower intentions energies organizations beings whatever will not succeed because they are limited! Unable or unwillingly stuck in the narrower-minded dimension. They experience limited perspective. So cannot see understand the infinite creative natural Divine possibilities.

“The results of The Electricity of Touch experiment were positive: The data showed “when people touch or are in proximity, a transference of the electromagnetic energy produced by the heart occurs,”

There is a Divine reason we are manifested into the physical. To be the Merkabah Shekinah the Sacred Vessel to transport in the here now physical of Unity Heart field. A spiritual dimension. Anchored within our bodies.

We have reached enough numbers who are awake who are placed strategically around Gaia to create this web Flower of Life Sacred Geometry. We are beacons for this Crystalline Light Heart resonance.

I was contacted by a huge Ascended Galactic Collective last week in the night. A beautiful huge Merkabah ship in the sky. Affirming we are getting ready for a beautiful powerful merging with human and other Multi-Dimensional Beings. They held such Wisdom and gently but powerfully danced in the sky following mirroring my every move. They showed me there was no distance. Size shape distance who where we each are is not a barrier. In fact, we each are a joyful celebration of Creation. showing what will be for all.

So as more of us awaken we expand our individual heart field. This then mirrors echoes others Hearts and just as the flower of life multiplies. Yes, it is important we shine in love and be with each other physically In open-heartedness. And we are transmitting so much more than our ego minds have previously understood.

And we have and are catching up. As more of us awaken we are learning to journey with our light bodies. To lucid dream. To be in telepathic communication. All a preparation to Shift physically. We are experiencing more and more of us that we create everything. That includes in the physical.

These beautiful Ascended Beings appeared because I had been asking for them to show themselves tangibly.

A reminder that we are succeeding cos this is the Divine Highest Outcome.



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