Are Alien “Lurkers” Watching You?

The search for alien intelligence is usually a framed as a search for life around other stars. But some have suggested that we should look within the Solar System instead – seeking so-called “Lurkers”, alien probes sent here to monitor us. Today we explore this interesting idea, the motivations behind it and where we might actually try surveying.



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1 thought on “Are Alien “Lurkers” Watching You?”

  1. Hello! Of course other intelligences are watching us but to use the word lurkers would paint them as being evil besides your term brings a lot of ET races under this name which I think does a disservice to us all including our ET creators,”The Elohim!”Once the embassy is built for are creators and first contact goes without violence as well as fear.Than other races will stop being observers and make first contact as well and for me I like the term passive observers rather than lurkers.


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