Arcturian Society As It Lives


Our societies are very advanced compared to those of the earth. Our technology is transcendent with respect to matter. The need for food has long since been overcome. Competition does not exist at any level as our life is organized to provide every single entity with everything it needs and can desire. Our companies are based on teamwork, at the service of the whole.

There are no social differences and no one lives at the expense of another or trying to acquire wealth as wealth for us is the natural state of all existence, rich you are when you are in harmony with the essence of everything and unity is experienced. This perennial state allows us to live under the banner of unity and for the benefit of all. In our way of feeling and seeing, we cannot live in harmony if even a single member of our group lives in disharmony. And the law of equity. Our society is organized in such a way as to favor the development of the individual’s skills, skills that are always aligned with the evolutionary plan of our race.

On our planets there are no supervisory bodies like your police, there is no need for them. There are no hierarchical systems or even political bodies since power must not be administered. There are no laws governing life as everyone lives in love and harmony and it is not conceivable for any individual to operate in an incorrect or selfish way. There is a global council that is made up of a group that is re-elected periodically, this council exists mostly to organize the decisions of the race and as a representative body to external civilizations.

The currency does not exist. Our work is shared with love and each individual works for the well-being of the community, aware that only if the community thrives, he can thrive too.

We live immersed in the surrounding environment, we do not manipulate nature which has a level of awareness and intelligence comparable to ours.

Nature lives in harmony with us, communicates with us continuously and both groups live in symbiosis and respecting each other’s needs. The natural aspects of our planets are spirits. Luminous beings manifest their essence: grace. Each flower, each tree is a spirit of grace that decides to inhabit our existential plan to enjoy it and to bring further harmony and teaching. The universe is full of grace. They are the higher aspects of the same plants and animals that you have in the third dimension on earth and that manifest from you to make you understand respect for life. Our houses have a spherical shape and are inserted in the natural context and powered by quantum energy. The energy needs are completely satisfied by the huge field of consciousness that permeates the entire creation. Through love, which acts as a vehicle, the energy of creation feeds and sustains our entire society. Our houses are made of a material very similar to your natural crystal. It is a living material, with its own consciousness that is shaped according to our intention.

Nothing is sterile, everything is life. Our communication is non-verbal as everything is connected and there is only one mind, that of the group. My thoughts are everyone’s thoughts and this is lived with great respect and harmony. We are all always connected, constantly in any point of the universe.

We can communicate over any distance instantly. There is only consistency and transparency. The focus is on transcendence, so much so that our systems aim for simplicity and synthesis. Structures are limiting and we do not create any at any level. Our fifth-dimensional societies have the purpose of learning and perfecting to achieve full mastery of unity and compassion. The perfect balance. The souls in our group go through these experiences to prepare for the next stage. We would like you to understand that time is an illusion, and from a linear perspective, you would consider our 5D vicissitudes as our past. You also exist presently in your future aspects, and the reason we are all here now is that in your future aspect you are a race with considerable difficulties and problems. We are changing the essence of your time together.


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