Arcturian Energy Update


Greetings, we are the Arcturians. We are here and we continue to praise you for the job that you are doing. You are keeping yourself righted and whole in unprecedented times.

No, you have never felt energies such as this before, but it is a measure of your skill how well you are doing.

Some of you are a bit depressed because you are clearing and others of you are tired or dizzy. But we watch you do the work, right yourself, clear you energetic body and forge on.

For that is the work right now, dear friends, to raise your frequency, no matter what.

Of course, you will have setbacks and drama and problems, but they will be brief occurrences and you will handle them with the skill that we expect from our dear friends, the human creators that you are.

Some of you are confused because you feel that this experience has gone on long enough and where is ascension, anyway? Isn’t that what we are working towards?

We would like to assure you that you are doing very well. You are climbing higher daily and pushing forward with new energy. This is not an easy job; but it is one of exacting skill and you knew all of this when you signed up.

You have forgotten this part of the story and some of you are resentful and angry. But dear ones, no one is making you walk upon this path.

We appreciate you and we admire your light. Your impatience is actually a very good sign, for it shows how much you sense that your blessings are just over the horizon.

No, this will not take a lifetime to complete, for when the tipping point of light is reached, there will be a climax and a flash and you will be exhilarated with the change.

It will not take forever to reach ascension but we reiterate that it will take as long as it needs to take. So settle down and instead of looking forward to the end, enjoy your many experiences as you walk upon this journey; for they are vast and exciting.

We honor you for who you are and we honor you for what you have done and we honor you for what you will continue to do.

We are your friends, the Arcturians, walking along beside you just as we promised that we would.

Put a smile on your faces, dear friends, for you are in an ascending state.

How we love you. We are the Arcturians.

Arcturians channeled by Rita Kempf

Artist Ryan Oster



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