Apollo 20 Moon Mission, alien craft, cryochambers,and ruins of Buildings were found!

An alien ship, cryochambers, and the ruins of ancient buildings were found on the moon 5


Lunar cities, alien mummies, cryochambers and UFOs – the natural satellite of the Earth is fraught with many secrets that have attracted ufologists and enthusiasts for decades. Researchers researchers managed to confirm the authenticity of a short film that tells about the secrets of the moon.

Some researchers are of the opinion that the Apollo program was not phased out by the US authorities in 1972, but continues to this day. The United States allegedly conducted a series of secret expeditions to the Earth satellite, and found traces of an ancient city, an alien ship and strange cryochambers there.

An alien ship, cryochambers, and the ruins of ancient buildings were found on the moon 6

Conspiracy theorists believe that the Apollo 20 lunar expedition was devoted to the study of a cigar-shaped alien starship found on the lunar surface, according to William Rutledge, who allegedly participated in the Apollo expeditions.

Rutledge admitted that his advanced age allows him to finally tell the truth, since he has nothing to fear. So, according to the astronaut, at the time of the two penultimate missions, the ruins of buildings were found on the reverse side of the celestial body.

According to him, the crew found on the far side of the moon traces of strange buildings and a large alien ship hidden under a thick layer of moon dust in the immediate vicinity of the Delport crater.

NASA believed that the spacecraft and the ruins had been hidden on the moon for 1.5 million years.

Rutledge added that the Apollo 20 crew had infiltrated the starship’s hull and found the remains of alien creatures, as well as cryochambers created by aliens, presumably from long-distance space expeditions.

An alien ship, cryochambers, and the ruins of ancient buildings were found on the moon 7

Rutledge also said that the astronauts of the Apollo 20 mission were allegedly able to enter the spaceship, where they found the bodies of the aliens. They also found capsules similar to cryochambers, which were most likely used for long interplanetary travel.

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The body of the male alien turned into a mummy, and the body of the woman is perfectly preserved. It was connected to the systems of the ship and covered with an unknown substance similar to paraffin. The astronauts were even more surprised when they saw six fingers on a woman’s hands (which, of course, is also found among people), but otherwise she looked like an ordinary dugout.

It is also reported that NASA, presumably, could get hold of some alien technology to use in their space exploration projects.

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