Anunnaki Gods in Exile, Are They Here? When will they ALL return, Sumerian Secrets Revealed (FILM)

The idea of ancient gods returning to Earth has captivated human imagination for centuries. One such theory is the belief in the Anunnaki gods, who according to Sumerian mythology, were a group of deities who came to Earth from another planet called Nibiru. These gods were said to have created humanity and guided its development throughout history. But where are they now? Are they here on Earth in some form of exile, and when will they return? These questions have fueled the interest in the upcoming film, “Anunnaki Gods in Exile, Are They Here? Sumerian Secrets Revealed.” The Anunnaki gods were first mentioned in the ancient Sumerian texts, which date back to around 4000 BCE. According to these texts, the Anunnaki were sent to Earth to mine gold, which was needed to protect the atmosphere of their home planet, Nibiru. Over time, these gods became more involved with humanity, and they were credited with teaching humans about agriculture, writing, and other essential skills. However, as time passed, the Anunnaki began to grow dissatisfied with their work on Earth. Some of the gods became corrupt, abusing their powers and ruling over humans with an iron fist. Eventually, the Anunnaki decided to leave Earth, promising to return one day when humanity was ready for their guidance once again. But where are the Anunnaki gods now, and when will they return? Some people believe that the gods are still among us, living in secret and influencing our world from behind the scenes. According to these theories, the Anunnaki may have retreated into the shadows to avoid detection by humans who might fear or worship them. They may be working to guide humanity’s development in subtle ways, waiting for the right time to reveal themselves again. Others believe that the Anunnaki may have returned to their home planet of Nibiru, which is said to have an extremely long orbit that brings it close to Earth once every 3,600 years. If this is true, then the Anunnaki may return to Earth in the not-too-distant future, perhaps bringing with them advanced technology and knowledge that could help us solve some of our most pressing problems. The upcoming film “Anunnaki Gods in Exile, Are They Here? Sumerian Secrets Revealed” promises to shed new light on these theories and explore the fascinating world of Sumerian mythology. The film will delve into the history and beliefs of the ancient Sumerians, examining their myths and legends and the influence they may still have on our world today. In conclusion, the belief in the Anunnaki gods has captured the human imagination for centuries, and their potential return to Earth is a topic of much debate and speculation. While there is no concrete evidence to support these theories, the upcoming film “Anunnaki Gods in Exile, Are They Here? Sumerian Secrets Revealed” promises to offer a new perspective on this fascinating topic and shed light on the mysteries of ancient mythology. Whether or not the Anunnaki are here among us or are still waiting to return, their legacy continues to captivate and inspire us to this day.

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