Añjali Press Conference LIVE IN DC

Angelia Schultz aka Añjali delivers her first public press conference at the foot of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC regarding her contact with Higher Beings and the subsequent soft disclosure of humanity’s need to evolve and transcend to a higher (4th) density which involves a new form of communication without the need for language. She also announced she will lead a scientific and unbiased team of scientists, well-known investigative reporter, journalists, a well-known documentarian, and an astronaut to the Higher Beings base inside a mountain in the Mojave Desert later this year. They will then provide their data to the public to help analyze. This was recorded/streamed by Tyler Transue of TT Productions. He was present to film the press conference for a documentary he is making with Doc Side Productions.




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2 thoughts on “Añjali Press Conference LIVE IN DC”

  1. Hello again! I would just like to make a comment in regards to this woman’s contacts and just recently I saw her press conference on you tube.The claims she is making in regard to higher beings living in a underground base in the desert is intriguing to say the least however I neither regard these beings as being either high or low.I have no doubt their technology advances put them on a high chair compared to us humans.Well during her speech I saw in the chat section their were chatters that didn’t believe her and not only that she was discharged from the military for developing Schizophrenia.Which for me I already suffer from so I can relate being a online member of the Raelian movement.These ET races had a belief in god they called the source but they didn’t prove to her any concrete scientific evidence for this god or source as they called it which makes me suspicous of their intentions in the first place basically I believe they were telling her what she wanted to hear and that others gravitate towards them.The other claim she made is that they cause her consciousness or soul if you like to leave her body.I’am sure it has more to do with their advanced technology not proof at all for the existance for her non-existant soul.If this is the first signs of full UFO disclosure than the aliens will have a lot to answer for in regards for proof of both god and a soul.I wonder if these ET’s were atheists would she have believed there story and would the press believe it simply based on these ET’s belief in god?Who’s going to stand up for the ET’s that are atheists? I know I’am based on my connection with the Raelian movement.I’d rather have a disclosure event with the Elohim humanities ET creators in person together with a embassy built for them on behalf of humanity in general.Well I’ve said what I needed to say and if this delegation she wants to build to meet them in person than make it a Raelian delegation instead with the prophet Rael going along to ask questions as well as demand concrete scientific proof or evidence for their supposed belief in god or a soul.One final note before I end this message and that is when her consicousness left her supposed body it would not make me believe that anything spiritual or supernatural or magical occured in that instant its not proof at all of these primitive belief’s in general just misunderstood science and technology in my opinion.


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