Angela Statz : Multi-Generational Experiencer, New Earth, Hybrid Program, Shadow Beings and More!!!

Mar 26, 2021


Welcome Back Everyone!! What an amazing and emotional rollercoaster of an interview this was!! This is Angela’s first public interview regarding her experiences, from seeing Greys, Reptilians, to actually touching and conversing with them and being part in the Hybrid Program. Angela goes deep with details and insights into her amazing experiences. She is the real deal and I hope those tuning in resonate with what she say’s. Enjoy!! Angela is a life long multi generational experiencer since age 3. She has had paranormal and ET encounters. She discovered and developed psychic abilities, clairvoyance, and such throughout her life that became evident during events. She recall’s everything from the events firsthand. She has never been regressed or hypnotized. She currently assist’s with paranormal home disturbance cases via remote viewing and in person. She is doing her best to apply what she’s learned in a way that makes a difference. Hopefully her stories may provide hope or comfort to anyone out there who is discovering their own unique light.

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