Andy’s UFO Abduction

Oct 31, 2020

All across the world, people are experiencing onboard UFO encounters. This is the story of two young brothers who were abducted into a UFO in 1978 from their home in a quiet suburb in the Netherlands. This is an important case because the main witness, Andy, recalls his experience consciously without the use of hypnosis, and is able to provide a clear description of the interior of the craft. Also, it’s a multiple witness case with many interesting and unusual details, including a weird encounter with a “USO,” an unidentified submersible object. Andy was only twelve years old when his bedroom filled with light and he found himself taken into a UFO. Now, many years later, he has bravely stepped forward and allowed his incredible story to be told. Most UFO investigators today agree that UFO abductions are a real phenomenon. They still represent the cutting edge of UFO research, and provide the most opportunity to learn about these strange visitors to our planet. If you would like to read more about Andy’s abduction, or other people who have been taken onboard a UFO, check out my book, “Onboard UFO Encounters,” available on Amazon.

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