Ancient Gods of Antiquity or Extraterrestrial Astronauts of a Forgotten Time?… Erich von Daniken

Part 1: Erich von Daniken has exhaustively researched and analyzed the great world religions, their myths and belief structures, in an effort to find an answer to a question that has fascinated humans for millennia: who, or what, were the Gods described in ancient stories? His extraordinary conclusion? The Gods were not metaphysical beings born of humanity’s overactive imagination, but extraterrestrials who left traces of their presence everywhere on Earth. Part 2: Colorful stories are entertaining… but what interests many is a more succinct picture of what is really going on at Giza, and elsewhere, for that matter. According to researcher and author Dr. James Hurtak, there is a labyrinth of tunnels and massive vaults, some the size of a cathedral, under Giza, which were put there by an advanced civilization, and there is a team of scientists working on artifacts and discoveries there from Japan, Europe and America, in what would appear to be a classified project.



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