An Alien Message to Mankind, Do You Wish That We Show Up?

There are five simple messages that they plan to spread, according to thousands of records dealing with extraterrestrial contact.

The first has everything to do with biodiversity. Humankind, according to space travelers, is corrupting everything, even our own planet. The results will be disastrous if the situation is not addressed immediately.

The second is concerned with scientific knowledge. People have been given access to a large amount of observational data. Governments, especially in North America and Russia, keep this knowledge secret. They are used to send illiterate people to scientists to communicate science communications.

Another is the requirement for those objects whose value we are unaware of.

There is also one message that aims to explain or reveal to humanity the essence of the Cosmos as well as the role of Creator, or Supreme Intellect as the aliens refer to him.

The fifth and final message is a moral dilemma. That is, they want to establish a set of principles to reinforce our culture’s cultural and religious ideals.

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