An Alien Hybridization Program Is Going On – Who Are We Really?

Talk of an alien hybridization program even ten years would have got you plenty of sideways looks. But today, that stigma has tapered off significantly. Recent events involving the Pentagon and ufo knowledge has eased the conspiratorial nature attached to the topic of aliens somewhat. Researcher and author Paul Wallis has written and released two book phenomenons in the last two years. Actually, it’s three…Escaping From Eden, The Scars Of Eden and Echoes Of Eden. He tackles the alien question as it relates to our real origins. It’s though provoking and will challenge the beliefs of some of you. For most in this space though, it’s just going to confirm what we already expected. Wallis covers alien hybridization among other topics in the following interview as he talks about why he wrote The Scars Of Eden as a follow up to Escaping From Eden.




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1 thought on “An Alien Hybridization Program Is Going On – Who Are We Really?”

  1. Hello! The answer to the question of who we are really?Is simple and it has been explained by the Elohim through our prophet Rael many times and I’am sure when more people read the message from our ET creators it will have to be explained over and over again.I’am sure that the Elohim have evolved to the point where having patience with humanity isn’t a big thing at all especially with that pesky meaning of life questions we often ask.Getting back to answering that question from the title of this blog is we are creations that were made in a science lab a long time ago and we were also made in the image of our creators the Elohim!Thanks to advance biomedical technology and knowledge in regards to genetic engineering altering DNA also using knowledge of cloning tech too.I hope that answers the who are we really question unless of course your the kind of person who asks questions you already know the answers too.


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