Amazing Technologies Of The Future

This is  amazing can’t wait. Wonder which city will be the first to make a effort towards the future? I hope this happens soon!

Unconditional love. The road we all get to walk. Unconditional love is like the sun.


We are the change the world has been waiting for!

LOL= LOVE OF LIFE, (We all matter!)

Love and Regards, Happy Quarantine !

Thank You,

Nancy Thames



1 thought on “Amazing Technologies Of The Future”

  1. Hello! The technologies of the future will be thanks to paradism and humanity turning over all types of human labor over to computers and robots.The sooner the better in my opinion and it will be truly amazing in my opinion.I created a chatroom dedicated to paradism but no one has shown up to chat.Has the judeo-Christian work ethic made them so afraid to doubt or rebel against the work ethic that chatters reject paradism outright.I guess either laughing about it or being fearful of living in such a world keeps the elite in control on Earth.That is sad to admit but its true humanity are money slaves plain and simple working consistently like robots proves your worth to live a life on Earth.I don’t want to live like that and I want freedom from the monetary system and the christian work ethic altogether.This time its not a matter of Moses returning to free the slaves our liberator is in the form of robots and computers.May they free us from robotic bondage just as they did for the Elohim on their homeworld.Our ET creators could help us out the most by showing us technology that frees humanity not sees us as a way to make money that is another form of slavery all in itself may it be banish from the Earth for all eternity!


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