ALIENS LATEST ETs made by GOD Shock theory that UFOs are sent by ‘our creator’


UFOS could be a sign from God, according to a shock theory that aliens are connected to Christianity.

The Reverend Barry Downing even claims many biblical events may have involved UFOs or aliens.

Mr Downing, who is Pastor emeritus of Northminster Presbyterian Church in Endwell, New York, penned the book, “The Bible and Flying Saucers,” which puts forth the argument.

And, in a new updated version just out, “Biblical UFO Revelations,” he continues to push the theory that many Biblical events, including the Burning Bush, could have been caused by alien visitors.

He said: “I believe UFOs are God’s way of saying to our godless culture: ‘I’m back!’ And if God is back, it is time to repent and be glad that the world lives under the umbrella of God’s love, with his angels looking over us.”

He goes on to question whether “the church has the eyes to see, to open the church doors to welcome our UFO strangers, or will we continue to be ‘unaware’?”

He added: “From my point of view… what we have here now in the skies, they’re part of the divine mission.”

The former reverend has never seen a UFO, but is convinced they are real.

He said: “I believe by ‘faith,’ in the same way I believe in the resurrection of Jesus by faith. I believe the reports.

“Except, I can question witnesses, which is even better than in the case of the resurrection.”

Although, his cousin has seen one – a tear-drop-shaped UFO which flew slowly over her house at night.

He said there was no noise until it hummed after stopping.

He added: “She said it gave off so much light that, even though dark, she could have read a newspaper.”

Mr Downing even thinks that a UFO could have caused the “fire” that never consumed the burning bush in front of Moses?

He said: “What is not amazing to me is not that we had a burning bush… we had a talking bush.

I believe UFOs are God’s way of saying to our godless culture: ‘I’m back!’ And if God is back, it is time to repent and be glad that the world lives under the umbrella of God’s love, with his angels looking over us.

Barry Downing

“A voice came to Moses from the bush.”

He has also looked at the book of Exodus, including the cloud that moved with the Israelites.

He said: “The cloud of fire moves… you know… it goes in front of them then it stops and moves some more.

“After they get to Mount Sinai and build the tabernacle, the house of worship for the Jewish people, it hovers over the tabernacle.”

On the cover of the latest book – the original was published in 1968 – there is an image of Moses watching the Red Sea part with a shiny UFO above the waters.

He is also convinced a UFO turned up during the 100th anniversary of the apparitions of the Virgin Mary in Fatima, Portugal, earlier this month.

He said: ““The UFO got in the way of the sun, causing the earth to seem darker, and this would make the ball of light show up even more.

“Church people have trouble with what I’m doing. People who’ve seen UFOs have no problem.

“It represents an inversion of the old story of Galileo and the Catholic Church.

“Because in that story, the church authorities were squelching a scientist. What we have here are scientists squelching the religious stories.”

Mr Downing has many critics within Christianity, however, he is far from the first to push forward a theory about aliens visiting Earth for thousands of years.

Many ufologists claim to have found pictures that resemble flying saucers in the air in religious works of art.

And the Ancient Aliens theory claims advanced visitors from out of space came down thousands of years ago to help build monuments like the Pyramids of Giza.




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  1. Hello! The notion that ET’s were sent by a imaginary friend referred as a god is impossible.There is no god to speak of and there is no scientific concrete evidence for such a being to exist.This is a ridiculous notion to begin with but what is in the realm of the possible is the coming and going of Elohim spacecraft to and from Earth.That can be verified by the testimony of our beloved prophet Rael added to that yes from time to time Elohim have intervened in human history with the help of their advanced science and technology.To primitive humans this interaction became the misunderstood history that makes up in the world’s religions that of mysticism,miracles,spiritual occurances and the wrong belief in a soul or god.Not to mention a misunderstanding of a so-called afterlife after you die.The conditions of this so-called heaven were distorted in such a way where life on the eternal life planet resides in scripture or in this case the true tale was revealed by our ET creators the Elohim.There is only a few ways to enter this eternal life planet called heaven by the uneducated on Earth.You are either invited by the Elohim to live there based on your positive life on Earth or a sample from a Earth inhabitant that died is brought there and recreated because of human cloning technology basically this is where all the misunderstandings start or end in regards to raising the dead back to life.Also there have been other wittnesses to the so-called supernatural no doubt misunderstood by the viewers however a perfectly logical scientific understanding by the Elohim and only now is it being revealed to humanity thanks to the prophet Rael’s role.Take all manner of misunderstanding and uneducated belief from Christianty and it will be Raelianizm.Taking into account science and technology not spiritualizm of any kind as we march together into the future.


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