Alien Life Exists on Jupiter’s Moon ‘Europa’

There is plenty of proof out there to debunk the idea that we are alone in space. There are so many incidents that have been reported and documented over the years that honestly there is no doubt in my mind that alien life does exist in this system.

But, according to experts, recently we may have found definitive proof of life on Jupiter’s moon nicknamed “Europa”.

A space probe that was strategically placed on Europa has sent back the film named Europa Report in which we can clearly see that a strange out of this world creature is discovered under the ice.

Now, the creature was not alive when it was found, but this bit of proof is definitely enough for us to realize that we are not that far off from officially greeting the inhabitants of Europa ourselves.

Monica Grady, an amazing professor that teaches planetary and space sciences has testified for the idea that there is definitely life underneath the ice on Europa.

The reason as to why we assumed that there was no life on Europa was the harsh living conditions on the surface, but the idea that this race adapted to live underneath the ice completely debunks our expectations instantly.

NASA themselves have said that in 2019 conducted a mission to Europa. Manager Thomas Zurbuchen has said that this is by far his most interesting mission so far and that he is positive that the findings will be incredible.

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