Alien Implants, Keeping in Contact With Interdimensional Beings





By using my Ham radio contact method, just thinking if we Contactees are receivers and transmitters, and we are the same frequency as Extraterrestrials and InterDimensional Beings. I decided to try something with a hand held Ham radio. I just held the hand held Ham radio where I know I have Alien implants and the radio went off the charts on both feet on the inside ankle part where I have indention’s in the skin now before it was like an, unexplained skin irritation. I have had these all my life.  What the heck was this a spider bite? But it wasn’t these were from the  ET Contact Experiences I had which they always seemed to be checking me over. First when I saw the area on my right ankle it was like a my body was trying to reject it, so I really didn’t have a clue what it was, but once it healed it left a cup like indention on my inner ankle on right foot. But when I get Contact visits from the Interdimensional or Extraterrestrial Beings it seems to be a major focus or interest they have with me, which was odd to me at the time it happened. I realize now the importance of their Interest and updating the implants. Again I have to explain to you there is a major difference from Interdimensional Extraterrestrial Beings and the Extra terrestrial Beings.

My Contact Experiences are becoming a bit more different as well, for example , Last night I was awaken to the covers being removed off me. I always know right before this happens, so I was fully awake. I felt the familiar vibration and love encompass me. Then swish I was teleported into Space/Universe where my body and mind Vibrated and then it was a feeling of wonderful joy and blue lights sparkling around me, receiving Divine Love while Fully awake. It was Beautiful, there are really no words to describe this Experience. I am very thankful for these experiences, I think they knew, actually I know they do, when I am at a very low point they always step in and give me the “Love Boost” I need  and assurance to continue my Mission Here On Earth. Then I traveled back to my bed and went back to sleep. Woke up with much happier outlook on the World and Life in general.

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4 thoughts on “Alien Implants, Keeping in Contact With Interdimensional Beings”

    • The only way to ‘reach’ the 5th dimension is by doing the work inside yourself which re-calibrates your whole being, no one can actually do it for you, nor would they as it goes against Free Will and the whole point of us being here which is to have the experiences ourselves. The belief that someone is coming to ‘save us’ or do ‘it’ for us, is erroneous and one that society has been pushing intentionally, looking outside yourself for the answers or for help, when really it’s all inside of you and our angels/guides/guardians guide us along the path that we ourselves chose and they are helping us to implement. When we reach that higher place within us, when we can see the world and the universe through all it’s intricate, beautiful layers from the perspective of our higher selves, then we can say we are aligning with 5th dimensional energies.


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