My Gifts Are My Experiences and (Video) Alien Gifts by Preston Dennett

Video Courtesy of Preston Dennett
June 19, 2020
It’s one of the rarest types of UFO encounters: cases in which people are given alien artifacts by the ETs. There are a surprising number of cases coming from across the planet. Crystals, metal bars, food, medicine, books, mechanical devices…all have been given to abductees by alien beings. What happens when somebody is given an actual alien artifact? The results may surprise you. This video presents nearly a dozen cases in which people were given alien artifacts. For those who’d like to learn more, chapter five of my book, “Not from Here: Volume Three” presents these cases in detail, and is now available on Amazon.




My Contact Experience Gift

I always wanted to grab something,  even them, but they resisted my aggression. By permission only I suppose. I have recalled many times trying to collect something to bring home, to validate my experience as being real. I never have been able to this. Just my memories, but I guess that is enough! My gifts are my Experiences. Other people have tried to do the same, as Preston Dennett Video Explains Above. This is great Validation to people like me. Thank You for your research!

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