Alien DNA, Nancy and 23 and me (Ancestry)

We are unassigned DNA
We are unassigned DNA

Hello Nbt088,

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Chris, Jan 9, 8:39 AM PST:

Hello Nancy,

Thank you for contacting the 23andMe Team. I apologize for the delayed response, as we had limited support available during the holidays. Our Ancestry Composition feature has the ability to assign pieces of your DNA at several geographic scales, according to where these pieces of DNA are found to be common throughout the world. When a piece of DNA is found within a broader region but not anywhere outside of that region, it is assigned to one of our Broadly populations. For example, if a piece of DNA is found in multiple subgroups in the same region but not outside of this region, then we would label this segment of DNA as Broadly assigned instead of randomly assigning it to a subgroup.

If a segment of your DNA matches a wide range of the 45 Ancestry Composition populations (or it doesn’t match any of them), then we label it “Unassigned.”

Although we are confident in the results we have returned to you, you can consider your results a living analysis. The field of genetics is not static, and new discoveries are being made every day. Using thousands of reference individuals, we are able to continually evolve and improve your results. As we update our reference data, it will not be uncommon to see slight shifts in your results. At 23andMe, we strive to keep pace with current science and keep our customers up to date on new findings.

You can read about the population selection process in more detail in the corresponding section of the Ancestry Composition Guide:

With regards to our Neanderthal report, your Neanderthal report displays the number of Neanderthal variants you have out of the 2,872 variants we test. The Scientific Details section of the Neanderthal Ancestry report allows you to identify the specific locations along your DNA where you have these Neanderthal variants.

You can read more about the science behind this report here:

Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.

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The 23andMe Team

Nbt088, December 27, 2019, 4:46 PM PST:

I know for a fact that I was put here at my will to be here for a big change in the history of humanity and that are others like me . More and more waking up to their true identity so when I look at your analyzed description of my DNA a certain per cent is unknown and then a little Neanderthal which I don’t believe I am. The rest may or not be true So are you trying to be truthful or just making a buck and hope people will except this. We were created by alien beings and they are still here and have been watching over us a long time. Time for Disclosure is just around the corner for all to know. So why don’t you put some useful information out to this even if you don’t know for sure explain more about the junk DNA in your reports and specify we don’t know where that comes from. sincerely Nancy Thames

From what I have researched and read. This is what I found in regards to our junk DNA.

According to one researcher, the Anunnaki must return to Earth to “fix what they did wrong” (our junk DNA) to accelerate the spiritual awakening and evolution of human consciousness.

According to Gregg Braden’s research, we only have 20 of the 64 codons in our “activated” DNA. You have to ask yourself, “Why would the Source of creation limit our genetic abilities by deactivating most of our DNA?”


It was limited by the Anunnaki to keep us in submission, control and conformity with our Anunnaki teachers. To put it another way, they are the beings that are controlling us for millions of years, they know our true genetics.

They have the purpose of not losing control, they have the power to govern through fear, since they know that latent factor that shoots in our DNA, these beings can be much more powerful than the leaders we perceive (like the presidents).

For researcher Simon Parkes, we have 12 strands of DNA and each strand is related to a specific galactic race.

Nbt088, December 27, 2019, 2:12 PM PST:

I feel some of us or most us have Alien DNA could this be the unassigned percentage you couldn’t find?

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Nancy Thames

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