AAE tv | Bridging the Gap | The Council of Light | Micheila Sheldan | 7.24.21

In this live event on February 20, 2021, Micheila Sheldan channels a variety of Guides and Collectives including the Council of Light, Pleiadians, Arcturians, Atlanteans, Lemurians, Mary Magdalene, Archangel Gabriel, Anna and the Dolphins and Whales. The Council offers their observations of the vibrational components of the current Earth transition. We learn of the profound power each individual has to affect collective change, as well as how important our perceptions of the world are in collective manifestations. The Council also shares their perspectives on how we bridge the gap between a great divide in consciousness and how polarity is an opportunity to ascend. There are many interesting audience questions answered in this session on topics ranging from the heart chakra, ascension training and the pineal gland to advice on how to love the self. There Guides provide insights on the inner Earth beings, how to work with crystals and the power of practices like cranial sacral and light language. There is an excellent transmission about the history of Yahweh and the Jewish religion, and a special message through Anna about the transition process of souls from Earth. About Micheila Sheldan Micheila Sheldan is an intuitive channel, Executive Director of the Flower of Life Institute and Marketing Director of the Awake and Empowered Expo. During a struggle to overcome chronic pain, Micheila experienced a shift of awakening, discovering her intuitive gifts and launching a journey to better understand her connection to the spirit world. In the course of her healing process, she left behind her role as a marketing consultant and soccer mom to step fully onto her soul’s path as an intuitive channel. Micheila has the ability to channel a variety of multi-dimensional, extraterrestrial and angelic beings to answer questions about our history, current challenges and where we are headed in the future. She joins Ethann each month on Awake and Empowered TV to bring universal channeled messages to the listening audience. Through her transformational experience, Micheila has come to understand that her channeled messages are vibrational in nature, energetically uplifting and healing those who hear them and allowing Lightworkers to firmly step onto their soul’s path and serve as a human conduit for healing energies. By tuning in each week, listeners will gain inspiration and tools to maintain and raise their vibration, as well as heal and open their energy field, by directly connecting with the consciousness of multi-dimensional beings who are here to support our evolution. she has experienced astoundingly accurate results. She often receives visions of significant past life experiences and describe how they are impacting a client’s present journey.



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  1. Hi! I don’t think we should take channeled information to literally and most but not all channlers are probably putting themselves in a Schizophrenic trance to tell us or audiences that want to listen exactly what they want to hear.However there is a exception in regards to the prophet Rael and what he relays information from our ET creators the Elohim.


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