A VISION OF ATLANTIS – My Dream Experiences of an Ancient Land

Aug 31, 2020


I was shown in dreams two visions of a time I believe was during the existence of an ancient mythical continent known as Atlantis. The first vision was of an incredibly beautiful stone tower lined with what looked like yellow paged books flapping in the wind. The second was from the air a glimpse of the edge of a beautiful city on the edge of a great body of water. In this video I explore these visions and the implications of what actually seeing the mythical city of Atlantis teaches us about our lives as humans today in this time and how we can begin to reshape our perspective on life and human evolution. Many of us see technology as the highest pursuit of human development but if this vision is in fact real it tells a very different story of development we must all listen to.


Great Video I found tonight while doing my nightly research time surfing the Internet then quietly head to my back porch to sky watch for 20 to 30 minutes to give my eyes a break from the computer screen and TV. Then head back to start the cycle over.


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