A New World is Upon Us… Should We Be Worried About AI ?… Richard Dolan TV Series

Episode 20 – Richard explores the world of artificial intelligence and that numerous possible extraterrestrial civilizations may be already utilizing advanced A.I. Richard explains that artificial intelligence has many advantages such as in, medical science, engineering, energy manufacture etc, but at the same time could change all our lives forever, moving us quickly into a world of possible oppression where A.I. monitors and controls our everyday lives. How can we balance the impact of A.I. on humanity, in the near future? This channel is managed by Zohar Entertainment Group UK, Zohar Entertainment Group International Inc, USA and AdRev, USA.




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1 thought on “A New World is Upon Us… Should We Be Worried About AI ?… Richard Dolan TV Series”

  1. Hello! I think the question this story is posing for us the reading audiance to answer is definitely yes it will lead to freedom! The details in this story corresponds to the prophet Rael’s predictions in regards to automation and turning over are work obligations to robots and computers.It will make work optional not mandatory in nature also embracing AI could lead to a worldwide liberation of a world without governments or borders to speak of and humanity will finally also be able to embrace paradism for a world without work or money.We will finally have more time on are hands rather than more work and as our supercomputers evolve so will the responsibility to run everything will be put into their hands so to speak or robot hands as it were.Than for the generations unborn the seeds of paradism will be planted and grow allowing present or future humanity to declare and live a life where the acquisition of wealth will no longer be the driving force in our lives.We can dedicate humanity to grow more than they are from all the free time AI will provide for humanity free of charge.I believe one important step towards this reality has already begun with the advent of a universal basic income for all humans on the planet.This may not be related to the advancements in AI technology but it is certainly a important first step into this direction for humanity to take so be it!


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