A New World if You Can Take It – A Perspective from Ancient Aliens’ Rev. Michael JS Carter – ALL NEW

Apr 9, 2020
Few would argue that we are now living in a New World. When I interviewed PMH Atwater back in January of this year, she cautioned us all: “Your life will turn on a dime.” But what does this New World really denote? Where are we heading from here? In this episode we chat with Rev. Michael J. Carter, well known for his writings on UFOs and Religion, as well as his frequent appearances on the History Channel’s Ancient Aliens. Reverend Carter shared with us some of the larger implications of this unique time that we’re living in. Much of what comes out of this for you has to do with your own interpretations of what these times are really all about. Is this doomsday or Armageddon? Or have we entered a period of ascension and positive transformation? Or can both of these scenarios co-exist in this New World structure? We’ll examine this “new normal” from many perspectives!


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