A huge mysterious spaceship in the shape of a butterfly in the sky of Ohio, Kentucky

Dec 26, 2020

In the sky of Ohio, Kentucky, a huge spaceship in the form of a huge butterfly in the sky of the city was photographed by the camera while it was passing by while it was flying low in the sky in one of the mysterious phenomena and rare scenes that may form a terrifying sight for some and a beautiful scene for others

Many scientists have confirmed the possibility of intelligent life in space, especially after the discovery of many planets that resemble Earth
Is there life on the moon?
Especially since many unknown UFOs, UFOs, flying saucers, giant UFOs, and paranormal activity were filmed in many places of the world even near the moon using some amateur-owned cameras, such as the Nikon P900 super camera, and with the development of mobile phone cameras, such as The new iPhone 12 cameras, which are said to be able to photograph details of the moon’s surface and some scenes from space
Is it a secret technology?
Or is it the technology of strange creatures coming from another dimension in the vast space somewhere in this vast universe full of galaxies, planets and stars, which may be extraterrestrial life outside planet earth.

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