A Dimensional Portal Was Found IN Antarctica And A Probe Was Sent IN!

A group of scientists in Antarctica for a climate experiment saw an unprecedented phenomenon. Since an unusual vortex developed over them, the researchers observed the ice and the atmosphere.

One of the group members thought you could hide pyramids, stargates, or even dimensional doors in the ice mountains.

There are indeed strange phenomena on this continent, some of which are meaningless. Many scientists have condemned human abductions and UFO sightings.

The most recent occurred in March 2019, when a group of British and American scientists were struck by a powerful tornado above their heads.

They thought it was a polar storm, but the stagnant nature of the event caused experts to investigate. The incidents were verified by one of the researchers to the Military Intelligence Service and the White House.

Some say you may be hiding a stargate on the frozen continent that allows you to travel to other dimensions. Another theory claims that under the ice sheet, an ancient civilization or even a whole underwater world would be fully inhabited.

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