Kevin Day’s Recollections of the Nimitz Encounters


The audio quality here was unfortunately low, but if you are interested in the details of the 2004 Nimitz UFO encounter, then this is an interesting interview.
Kevin day was the Air Intercept Controller on the USS Princeton (part of the Nimitz Carrier Group) in charge at the time of the Fravor and Underwood UFO encounters on Nov 14, 2004. He also saw the slow-moving radar returns from Nov 4th to Nov 15th.

His recollections here go into more detail about the formations of five (or more) objects he observed, one of which was the target that he vectored Fravor to intercept.

Some of his descriptions don’t seem to match what Fravor and Underwood described, and he’s interested in getting this resolved with follow-up discussions

Different people will pick up on different things here – I’m not intimately familiar with everything that was discussed – so if there’s a point you think needs more discussion, then please post a comment with a timestamp.

The interview was conducted on Feb 13, 2021. It is largely unedited except near the start where I removed some repetition. Minor audio edits were made to resolve crosstalk (usually muting me).

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