Dani Marie: The Olmec Heads

This is a Quantum Meditation research session by Dani Marie, a student of Dr. Douglas James Cottrell. In a typical session clients ask about their health, business, personal relationships, spirituality, and practically any other topic. Dani can be contacted for reading requests by emailing theintuitivediva1@gmail.com, or reached on her website https://www.theintuitivediva1.com If you are unfamiliar with Quantum Meditation, it is the same deep trance meditation technique practiced by the late Edgar Cayce almost a century ago. For further information on the QM technique, or to sign up to take the QM course yourself, Douglas James Cottrell’s website is: www.DouglasJamesCottrell.com NOTE: the information seen in this video has been obtained through psychic or clairvoyant sources. This source should not be considered a medical, financial, historical or any other authority and the information must be used in a reasonable and practical manner.



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