We, the Galactic Federation, stationed on the Earthly astral planes, currently involved in a range of projects related to mass ascension and evolution in consciousness of your race, wish to communicate our continuing support for the ongoing process.

This is a very exciting time. We are all happy to welcome you to the New Earth, and we know that it is you who bring peace and love to us all.

The new Earth is where humans will be awoken from their eternal slumber, where they remember who they really are, leave behind all the chaos and darkness, and instead replace it with light, love, and knowledge, where humanity as a whole will be as one again as they were meant to be all those millennia ago in The Garden of Eden.

This is to be a place of peace, joy, and plenty for all, where the beings from all-star systems, galaxies, universes, and dimensions will work together to create a space of love and harmony.

Your ascension is moving closer and closer each day, and the light beings are preparing you for this shift. On an individual level, this shift in frequencies will help catalyze your soul-level ascension. Your fifth chakra will be able to connect with your sixth chakra much more efficiently. This will make it much easier for you to communicate with the higher realms.

Your awakening has, in a way, set in motion a chain reaction throughout the galaxy. You have been given a chance, a gift from the universe, to make this Earth a paradise again.

Many civilizations throughout the galaxy are keeping an eye on your transformation. To them, this is a miracle. But you know what, this is not a miracle at all. This is the result of constant hard work and perseverance, just as you have been doing on Earth. You have created your share of ripples throughout this galaxy, and you have been trying to change your world for a long time now. Many have not taken your efforts seriously, but you have.

Many of these civilizations across the galaxy are your ancestors.

This is a historical moment for all of you. And your ancestors have been coming home for a long time. Time travel has been going on for a long time.

You are living in the last cycle of this planet’s Earth. You are great, great, great. These ancestors are from other planets and carry the DNA, memory, and history of your people. It will be like no time has passed, and you will recognize your lost brothers and sisters, and you will all come together as one human race. This spectacular reunion will take place sooner rather than later.

These light beings are near you now. They are stationed in the stratosphere. They are stationed all around planet Earth.

Not all beautiful stars you see in the night sky are actually what you think they are. Many of them are the lightships that are being sent by your family to guide you along your journey on Planet Earth. You can see them. You can see them with your own eyes, these wonderful beings of light.

They want to connect with you. They’re the masters of ascension, they want to reach out to you! Ascending to the fifth dimension is not only your destiny but also your right. You were born on Earth because you have the right genetics needed for this transformation.

It is the God code within your DNA.

There is an incoming wave, and you need to hold your light now-for it is needed in these times of great change. In the final stage of the upliftment with the influx of new energies that will consume and go beyond what has been made previously in this realm.

It has been a long journey, and it is time to shine your inner light!

All along the way, many of you sensed the upcoming completion. And now this time is coming closer.

Our purpose is to help each of you find your own inner light so we can rejoice together in the grand discovery of life on the New Earth.

We love you dearly.
We are here with you.
We are your family of light.

Aurora Ray
Ambassador of the Galactic Federation

Channel and Art by Aurora Ray



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