Galactic Federation Message For Humanity



Dear ones,

There is so much happening on your planet, and you are being distracted by it. For you must not focus on the outside, but it is on the inside where you find the light. We wish to encourage you to examine the self in a deeper and more intimate way.

What were those experiences that you had during your life that you would describe as traumatic or stressful? How are those events still influencing your present life? What beliefs were formed through those events that still corrupt your clear vision? Why are you still allowing these beliefs to manipulate you? How have they served you in the past, and why is it time to let them go?

All of the outside noise is explicitly designed with one purpose in mind, to distract you from what is currently happening to you on an expedited evolutionary level.

Suppose you can manage to turn off the outside noise of the distractions, the confusion, and the total collapse of your society, and tune into the stillness of your heart. In that case, you will find an energy, a source that will be your ally and guide you through the darkness into the light.

Abundance on all levels is your birthright. If we could give you one clear glimpse of how powerful and majestic you truly are, You wouldn’t spend one second wasting your precious energy on the remains of the third-dimensional reality. If you had a clear vision, you would see the matrix is nothing more than a computer game for children. Would you waste your precious lifetime figuring out a computer game for children?

Now is the time for you to examine your values. What kind of a life do you wish to live? Do you want to be free, independent, and sovereign? What are the first simple steps you can take to start directing your energy in this direction?

You are going through physical ascension. You must focus on yourself now. Ascension is coming for everyone ready for it no matter what is going on planet Earth. Nothing can stop the divine plan.

Trust, the light is in control.

We, beings of light and members of the Galactic Federation, had to learn a long time ago that the evolution and flourishing of our individual societies had to be protected by unified stellar forces. An alliance was formed and logically named the Galactic Federation. We have watched over, protected, and ultimately assisted many other planets and their civilizations to evolve and thrive.

Rest assured that we are in control but know that we do not wish to be. We wish for you to evolve. Awaken your own god-given powers and rise to the glory that you are born to be. You do not truly wish to be saved. You wish to be sovereign and to be free. Only you can achieve this. We are here to guide, help, and protect you during this crucial process of ascending into heaven on Earth.

Do not fear the dark forces. Those ARE under our control and shall remain.

Lighten up and allow the light of your heart shine, making this frequency accessible to others. You are also here to enjoy the beauty that’s called life. Go into nature daily, bathe in Her energy, and don’t let the world get into your heads!

Remember, the enemy’s favorite territory to invade is your mind. Don’t let them access you.

Fear not. God is in control.

She knows about it all, and she will end it. The goddess has risen. She protects her children.

The following practice is of immense importance for your evolution:

Go out into nature and ground yourself into Gaia. Imagine you are a tree and allow your roots to grow deeper and deeper into the Earth.

Take deep, slow, and long breaths.

Lay your forehead on the ground and ask Mother Earth for forgiveness, then let Her know that you also forgive Her.

Send her your love, gratitude, and blessings.

Visualize heaven on Earth.

Envision an intergalactic society in which a multitude of species live in peaceful co-existence.

Imagine with all your heart your inherent abundance manifesting into your reality.

Now, allow Gaia to send her love back to you and shower your golden being with Her divine blessings.

Feel Her golden light rush into your body. Through your roots inside Her soil, Her light enters your feet and moves further up your legs, thighs, hips, and slowly makes its way through your entire body, illuminating every cell of your being, and you begin to shine from the inside out.

Let your light extend further through your body, lightning the space around you. With every inhale and exhale, your light shines brighter and expands further. Your light now illuminates the entire area around you. With every breath, you extend your light for miles, and finally, your whole city begins to shine from the expansion of your light.

There are many of you in every city in the world. You are making the world shine in divine golden light.

And one day soon, Earth will be a star too. She will be the brightest star visible to a multitude of other Star Nations.

You are a god in a body. You just don’t know it yet.

There are many gods with a small g. There’s only one God with a big G. 😉

We love you. We are here with you. We are your family of light.

Aurora Ray
Ambassador of the Galactic Federation

Artist: @nicebleed




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Thank You,

Nancy Thames

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