Russian presenter Zhanna reveals her reptilian identity live. Allatra!


Do you believe in the existence of reptilians? ALLATRA reissues a show showing how this Zhanna woman


Well she has won the Beauty Contest of Russian Reptilians, in my opinion!

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2 thoughts on “Russian presenter Zhanna reveals her reptilian identity live. Allatra!”

  1. They keep saying that humans aren’t ready (I’m a science project of hybridization on earth) but I disagree! I think people should know! This is absolutely true along with other beings. AllatRa believe system is based in the return of an incarnation of the ascended master but they will not come alone, they come with many who I refer to as the collective. Their official name is something to the effects of the wise ones. We are on the earth now and are trying to help humanity evolve, if they refuse then many devastating events will grow. This is our chance to evolve and have a much better world. We (the brotherhood collective) are trying to teach and plant seeds of truth and knowledge. We are hopeful at this point. There are negative and positive beings, we help but some have decided to use their powers to gain control. There is free will and we are here to remind people to think for themselves.


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