15 Facts To Know About ‘Missing Time’ – A Phenomenon Occurring Around The World

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There are many things that we are still discovering and many things that we have no way of explaining. While science takes great strides in some areas, there are some areas that even the most brilliant scientists have no clue about. We can theorize why and why not, but we have no way of knowing for sure. One such phenomenon is Missing Time, a gap in memory that can’t be easily explained away.

1. Missing Time is a gap in your conscious memory; it means that despite being awake and conscious, you can’t remember a certain amount of time.



2. This gap in time can be for a few minutes or a few days.



3. Most often, people will be doing something (like driving or regular activities) and realize that it took them way longer to get it done than it should have.



4. They will realize that minutes or even hours have gone by and they can’t remember exactly what they have been doing for all that time.



5. Memories of Missing Time are hazy at best. Many people choose to undergo hypnosis to discover these ‘lost’ memories.



6. Missing Time occurrences take place all across the world, with people of all ages. Some have just one experience while others claim to have several.




7. Psychology cannot really explain Missing Time, but regards most ‘experiencers’ as being perfectly healthy and not suffering from any mental disorders.


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8. There are also instances of Gained Time, where people have crossed spaces or finished jobs that should have taken way longer.



9. Many people associate Missing Time with alien abductions. They believe that alien beings abduct these people, perform experiments on them and then set them free, which cause gaps or gaining of time.



10. Others believe that astral projection can explain Missing Time. Astral projection is a state when the spirit leaves the body and has its own experiences.



11. Some people have Missing Time in groups and pairs, which makes it harder to discredit the phenomenon.



12. Others say that they spotted a UFO while driving and a split second later, they were still driving along or were on a different route. On checking the time, they realized hours had gone by.



13. Some researchers say that Missing Time indicates that some alien life-forms are trying to get in touch with humanity to prepare humans for some big change that is coming our way.



14. However, since memories are ‘recovered’ through hypnosis, some believe that those are false memories, created either due to suggestions, prior beliefs or having heard or seen something similar in books, movies or TV.



15. Whatever the case may be, several people across the world have been experiencing Missing Time. There are many sites where people discuss and analyze their experiences. You’ll find some of the stories here.


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