10 Strange UFO Sightings

Mar 27, 2021

A sighting is the most common type of UFO encounter. And each sighting has something important and profound to teach us about the nature and origins of the UFO phenomenon. Often, a close-up sighting brings deeper levels of contact that might not first seem apparent. If someone sees a UFO, the chances are good that the ETs are showing themselves intentionally. Sometimes, what might seem to be a simple sighting is in fact a much more extensive encounter. This video presents ten different sightings, each of which has something to contribute to our understanding of UFOs and extraterrestrials. A UFO-car chase; an object hovering over a busy airport; a man who has had more than 40 sightings; a saucer hovering directly over power lines; a small town embroiled in the center of a massive UFO wave; two teen-agers targeted by a massive, fiery object; a family with a close-up encounter that only some remember, a group of objects over a city center viewed by hundreds of people; a mother ship hovering for hours and releasing smaller craft; a UFO that telepathically calls the witness outside to see it — these sightings show how varied and complex the UFO phenomenon can be. A UFO sighting has the capacity to totally change a person’s life, and alter forever the way they view themselves and the world. Never underestimate the power of UFOs!

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