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Wieteke facilitates both group- and private sessions with Arjun, for anyone who resonates with this particular path of self-empowering & love-based information. This is the SECOND PART of a Q&A with ARJUN of the YahYel (channeled by Wieteke Koolhof) that was recorded in full on July 21st -2021 Link to part one below. —– The Q&A in (this) PART includes: * (This list contains the ‘bottom line’ of some questions as there was some quoting included of the Pentagon’s original rapport, which was very lengthy. ** Question 1 to 7 are covered in the first part. 8) WHY are UAP’s being witnessed more often around military training and testing grounds. Or is this just an illusion? 9) When ET-crafts choose to appear and be visible to humans – what is the meaning of this? 10) Your comments on the Netflix documentary titled “Bob Lazar, Area 51 and flying Saucers” (is this real?) 11) More on the subject of the Pentagon rapport of June 25th this year. I noticed how often they used the word ‘threat’ in there. How would you respond to that? —– YET TO BE UPLOADED AND LAUNCHED ON YOUTUBE —— The Q&A’s in PART THREE * will include: 12) Lots of people never even thought about the reality of UFO’s or even Extra Terrestrial life being ‘a thing’. But also from my own research and even from just asking people in the street – most of them do NOT believe – IF ALIENS were a reality, that they would actually be aggressive. Is it possible we carry some inner knowledge inside of us that lets us know this? 13) Does how the media presents the ideas regarding ET-Contact, for instance by labeling it as a threat – influence the unfolding of Disclosure? 14) What is the best way to respond to incorrect information, given by the media / even more so when your entire environment believes what is being said to be true? 15) What can we do to open up the doors for ET-disclosure in our own lives? And some more spontaneous questions in between that were not on the list but came from our interviewer ‘in the moment’ 😉 (this occurs in in all 3 parts) ____ NOTE: The YahYel let us know that any information offered through this way, can be seen as a reflection of our own Higher Selves. In other words: they function as a mirror, for us to get to know ourselves better. As always – think for yourself – take from this what resonates – and leave the rest behind


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