Playtime with Alien human hybrids

Nancy Thames, age 6, plays with human-extraterrestrial hybrids aboard an alien starship
Nancy Thames, age 6, plays with human-extraterrestrial hybrids aboard an alien starship
Hybrid Child
Hybrid Child

When I was in first or second grade, I was fully awake and walked towards the living room and headed to the front door with my Barbie dolls. Then all the sudden At the time or I blocked who it really was I thought was my mother but she claims this never happened . I was asked where are you going and said to play Barbie dolls with my friend and she said no you cannot do this you are just sleep walking and you have to go back to bed playtime is over so she the female Grey got me back to bed. Apparently they had just returned me but I still wanted to play, it was in the middle of the night, but I guess I didn’t want playtime to end and after talking to my Mom I realized it was my female Grey

guide that took me back and forth to places  and used my mother’s image to keep me calm. I recall many happy visits playing with other children. Some were like me and others were hybrids. We were always watched and encouraged to play and enjoy each others company. It was a loving happy time for all of us.

These things I always remember with great pleasure and love.

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