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Nancy summoned
Nancy summoned

When was eight or nine I was awaken and told to come outside so I proceed towards the door and opened it then I saw a spacecraft having by my home and I walked outside and new adventure began . I was flying up and while looking down could see my home and the spacecraft I was headed to , at the time I wasn’t scared at all and when I got there I was greeted with love and many things were explained to me to me for instance the Grays were part of our DNA but have no personality  and they can not reproduce or have a soul therefore the High priest and leaders wanted to improve on this for the protection of humanity . Many of the higher dimension beings can’t consume oxygen it is to toxic to them  so many times when they would bring a human woman to spend time with hybrid babies they were in a envelope type bubble for them to breath normally and then they would lay the women down and insert images of them holding and caring for the baby and let them know they were being well cared for. The babies were kept in a incubator for their survival Their ultimate goal is to create a hybrid with a soul and personality and able to adapt to future climatic changes and so forth which  will happen here on earth. They will come here and live with  us and help us adapt and others will be on a planet outside our  Solar system but with their technology can get here in minutes. So from what I understand  they created us and have been watching over us and trying to keep us safe. From other evil beings and not letting us use the atomic or nuclear bombs which they saw we created. After this visit I  blacked out for awhile hiding what I knew I  was so young and nobody would understand but they said I will remember this at some in my future. Now I have so much of this  to add to my Disclosure to all you. For a last thought message I failed to reveal is lost time here could be like 5 minutes or so but in their dimension it could be three weeks that I was there. 


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