The Phenomenon 2020


Bryce Zabel~~
This is the most highly anticipated UAP project for me, better than Unidentified, because I think James Fox knows his stuff better than anyone. His previous films have been ground-breaking and, from all accounts, this one takes the case to a new level. Can’t wait. As for these Others wanting to “communicate” with us, well, now… Any intelligent life form that could get here from there (wherever that is) and build these incredible craft, certainly has been able to scan, download and absorb virtually all the Earth’s knowledge from libraries, etc. and communications on the Internet and phone at a level that probably makes the NSA look like amateurs. They probably know us better than we do ourselves, and they certainly could communicate in any earthly language they chose to.
Amazing trailer can’t wait to to see the whole movie, this is a must see for everyone, whatever your beliefs are at the time you must be ready for the future. Alien contact means we will definitely get to know secrets about the universe and perhaps even about what happens after death. Which means that contact would mess up our perception of life and religion. Contact without the exchange of information would not be meaningful at all Thank you Nancy Thames

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