6 thoughts on “The Cheshire “Silver-Suited” Man! An Encounter With The Nordics?”

  1. I’m also starting to believe we’ve never been alone: I’ve just finished the Charles Hall series of books ” Millennial Hospitality” after being told of a similar story by someone who was in the same place in the 60’s and 70’s. I also believe they are here, among us, as I used to work in a busy International Airport, and encountered on two occasions some extremely beautiful people, perfectly dressed, but something wasn’t quite right (No, it wasn’t the Kardashians). Perfect skin, hair, spoke with an accent that I couldn’t place, they had a unusual gate to their walk, and had trouble understanding simple things like the word “train”…to this day I think about these people.

  2. ….. with all these encounters on the planet, obviously we are not alone, apparently visitors are so many and we were not alone from the beginning, that much is understood. I hope disclosure reaches to a point that we can see some solid proof about any of them. I am sure we all are dreaming of a brighter future.

    • Things will get better and many more things I am sure will be acknowledged and revealed. Baby Steps. A lot of people just need a little time to diejest all this new information.Thanks for your comment.
      Nancy Thames


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