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First Published: August 3, 2019 Last updated: September 7th, 2020 Written by: Marcus Lowth

A truly bizarre sighting in late 1982 in Nancy, France is perhaps one of the most intriguing on record. Not least as it is little-known outside the most ardent UFO enthusiasts of the country. Furthermore, the identity of the witness and the exact location remains a mystery due to their desire for absolute anonymity.

This desire for anonymity, as well as the fact that the police, and later a recognized UFO organization were part of the investigation perhaps, lends the case that bit more credibility. Then, there is the apparent physical evidence to examine. A seemingly dehydrating of Amarante flowers beneath where the strange object hovered. This detail could prove very interesting when we consider the apparent connection between water and other minerals and elements within the earth itself and UFO sightings.

A superimposed UFO on to a picture of France

A superimposed UFO on to a picture of France

We have, for example, previously examined the Trans-en-Provence case from January 1981. Is it possible the Amarante Incident is a continuation of whatever objective was behind the sighting almost two years before it?

Furthermore, as we will examine a little later on, several very similar incidents would take place in France within several years, either side of the Amarante Incident. One of the same UFO organizations, GEPAN, who conducted some of the most extensive investigations at the Trans-en-Provence encounter would also do so for the Amarante case in Nancy.

Is it the case that a very specific objective was at the heart of many such sightings in France at the time? Or might the important aspect to such cases not be the objectives, but what the details of the sightings and more specifically the state of the locations following them tells us about the propulsion methods of these crafts? The one aspect, at least according to some, that keeps the UFO question so secretive.

A Sudden Descent Out Of The Perfect Blue Sky

At around 12 noon on 21st October 1982, cell biologist, “Mr. Henri” was in his garden in the small town of Laxou near Nancy in northeast France. The sky above was clear of clouds and a perfect blue in the glow of the early afternoon sun.

However, the serenity of the moment was shattered when a “flying machine” came out of the sky, its structure shining brightly in the sun (although not hampering his vision) and seemingly arriving in his location out of nowhere.

Although the object had taken him by surprise, the speed was relatively calm as it continued to descend. Thinking it would pass over him, Mr. Henri eventually backed away slightly as the object appeared to head straight towards him. Then, it stopped, hovering around a meter above the ground.

A superimposed UFO on to a picture of France

A superimposed UFO on to a picture of France

From this angle, he could see clearly the oval, disc-like shape of the metallic craft. He would later describe the craft as having a “metallic appearance” similar to polished Beryllium. The upper half appeared to have a strange blue-green color to it.

As he stood staring at the hovering oval object, he noted how it remained completely silent. Furthermore, he couldn’t feel any excess heat or any apparent effects of radiation. The craft would remain in place for around 20 minutes in total. During this time, Mr. Henri would locate his camera and attempt to take a picture. However, the device, already showing signs of wear and tear, would jam.

Then, out of nowhere, the craft would rise into the air and continue upwards in a direct straight line until it was out of sight.

An Official (And Immediate) Report And Investigation

Mr. Henri remained home until 5 pm when his wife arrived back from work. After telling her of the sighting, the pair would travel the short distance to the police building to report the incident. While the police would treat their report seriously, it was perhaps the presence of plants and ample vegetation in the garden that would cause them to take samples away for investigation. Indeed, these samples would most prominently be of Amaranths flowers.

It was noted upon arrival how private the garden of the Henri’s was. It was, as Mr. Henri had insisted, perfectly feasible that he was the lone witness to the strange craft simply due to how the garden was seemingly walled off on all sides, either by trees, fencing, or the walls of other buildings. Even to access the garden, according to the police report, one must “take a very narrow path of 80 cm wide (and) about 30 meters long” from the main street.

A picture claiming to show a UFO

Does this picture show a UFO

The garden itself was only very small – around 10 square meters – although it contained an abundance of plants and flowers. These would include evergreen shrubs, wallflowers, lavender, and of course, most important in this particular case, amaranths. Samples would be taken, and any possible effects studied.

Then, with Mr. Henri’s assistance, they would go over the incident once more – in minute detail. And so, for the time being, we will tag along with them as they break down this bizarre but intriguing case detail by detail.

Detail For Detail For Detail!

If we go back to the beginning, then, we will recall that Mr. Henri was unaware of anything out of the ordinary taking place until he happened to look upwards. At this point, he became aware of the “device that grew bigger looking at him”. We know from this, as well as from Henri’s own words, then, that the device was completely silent.

Furthermore, after contemplating that the object was a small airplane or possibly a helicopter – perhaps due to the controlled and calm manner of the descent (although still in itself very fast) – he would stress that he expected the object, based on the angle of trajectory, to land over the top of his house on the other side of it. However, instead, it would hover directly over his garden. You can see the drawing below which shows the approach of the strange craft and the purposeful change of direction. It also then shows the direct vertical ascent of the same craft a short time later.

A map and route of the incident

A map and route of the incident

Was this a conscious decision by whatever intelligence was behind the strange craft? If so, what was apparently so special about this particular spot of land – in the middle of a highly built-up residential neighborhood in the middle of the day, no less? Or might it have been the presence of Mr. Henri himself that attracted this saucer-shaped craft to descend to only a “meter above the grassy surface of the garden” and then hover there for twenty minutes?

Remember, during this entire time, the object does not make a sound at all and remained completely silent. Even when it shot directly upwards into the bright afternoon sky, not a single noise came from the futuristic machine.

An Oval-Shaped Object Like “Two Lids” On Top Of Each Other!

During the time that the object was stationary over the garden, Mr. Henri himself was rather active below. As the report notes, he would “make a great number of trips” to the object and back again. All the while taking in as much detail from the craft as it resided there in midair.

For example, after standing in the middle of his garden as the object approached, Henri would then back away against the wall of his kitchen (fearing a crash landing was imminent). After remaining there for several minutes, Henri then ventures back towards the object.

It was around this stage that Mr. Henri would make the decision to retrieve his camera in an attempt to obtain a photograph on the object. He would return inside in order to do so before walking back out into the yard once more. After discovering the camera is jammed, however, Henri discards it and instead approaches the object once again.

A sketch of what the witness saw

A sketch of what the witness saw

As he walked around various points of the object’s underside, he would watch intently, studying the craft as closely as he could. Interestingly, he would describe it in almost identically a way as several other up-close witnesses as “two lids on (top of) one another”. Essentially, a flying saucer or a disc.

Furthermore, and also of interest, is the insistence of the witness that the craft – at least the top “blue-green” section was “not homogeneous” and gave the impression of a “translucent volume”. He would elaborate that it was not quite vapor and had a “plexiglass” look to it. And what’s more, the colors and activity inside appeared to be something “very special” and unknown.

Intriguing And (At The Time) Trivial Details That Are Scientifically Sound

It is interesting, for example, that the material of the lower half of the craft appeared similar to Beryllium. This material was often used in “rockets for the space programs” and other such aircraft. Although he was not certain what the material was, that it appeared strong but lightweight at the same time is not only similar to other descriptions from close-up witnesses to these bizarre crafts but would also make sense for anyone building such a vehicle destined for space travel.

Of further interest, and again something many other close-contact UFO witnesses speak of, there appeared to be no obvious seams and connections between the upper half and the lower one. It was as if the entire object was somehow made from one piece of material.

Even the fact that the object did not make a sound, while something that Mr. Henri would maintain throughout the investigation, he himself would state he was unable to explain how this was so. Science, for example, would dictate at least a “whistling” sound of resistance. However, the object remained completely silent throughout the duration of the encounter.

It was during this period of study that the object suddenly began its rapid ascent. Perhaps interestingly, as well as not suffering any ill-effects of being in such close proximity to the craft, Henri was also seemingly unscathed from any aftereffects of the sudden take-off.

The Intriguing (And Telling) Behavior Of The Grass

One thing Mr. Henri would notice when the object took off was that grass directly underneath it – and only this particular patch of grass – would stand on end for several seconds before returning to its normal position. Furthermore, no other plant or flower appeared to move at all, which would suggest the movement of the grass was not some coincidentally timed blast of wind, but something directly connected to the object above.

What’s more, when investigators would attempt to recreate this in laboratory conditions, they would discover that “very intense electric fields” were successful in achieving this.

A sketch of what the witness saw

A sketch of what the witness saw

This is an interesting finding, perhaps suggesting that whatever or whoever was behind this strange craft, its propulsion appears to be some kind of highly controlled, but highly intense electrical surge or wave. One so powerful it can (literally) rocket an object into outer space from a standing, hovering, or stationary position. But also, one so controlled and contained that the surrounding area is not affected in any way. And even the ground (or in this case the grass) directly below was only temporarily “stretched” out of shape before returning to its natural form (Of course, how a human being might fare directly underneath such a craft might be another matter).

Regardless, such a propulsion method and means of power would be invaluable to humanity as we have discussed on several occasions. We have also mentioned at least as many times, that it is this highly advanced technology alone that keeps the subject locked away deep in the files of the shadow government or whoever controls access to such information.

Perhaps upon seeing descriptions of such technology up close, we should ask ourselves why respective governments are not tripping over themselves to develop such technology instead of looking to bury it.

Evidence Of Electromagnetic Energy Waves

With regards to our case here, though, it would appear the analysis of the flowers of Amarante plants in the garden were perhaps most telling.  These flowers appeared to be completely dehydrated – almost purposely. Furthermore, some of the fruit in the immediate vicinity of where the craft hovered had completely cooked.

What’s more, the roots of the affected plants were still very much as one would expect to find in a healthy plant or flower. It would appear, then, that the dehydration process – whatever it was that had caused – took place at the midair level only.

All of these things would again suggest exposure to some type of electromagnetic wave of energy. And as the witness freely walked under and around the object as it hovered, stating that he felt no heat or cold from it while doing so, it would appear to be the case that any damage suffered by the plants, fruit, and flowers, happened as the craft shot directly upwards. Propelled, it would appear, by some type of blast of electromagnetic energy.

As well as the analysis of the flowers and the descriptions of actual descent of the object, investigators would also evaluate Mr. Henri himself. His character. His credibility. And his personality.

A Credible Witness In The Extreme

They would find the witness to be credible and authentic in the extreme. Every little piece of checkable information would correspond to his version of events, right down to the weather conditions and the comment that it had been “slightly foggy in the morning” despite the sunshine (records show this to very much be the case).

Even the way he carried himself suggested a person who was detail orientated and precise. In short, not only was Mr. Henri a reliable witness, he was a positively good one. What’s more, his desire for anonymity further suggests a person who has no interest of obtaining fame through speaking publicly of his encounter.

A sketch of what the witness saw

A sketch of what the witness saw

He also had little to no interest in UFOs or science-fiction. His interests mainly revolved around his job and spending time in his garden. In short, as the report would sum up, there was “no reasonable evidence to reject the testimony” of Mr. Henri.

Ultimately, however, the identity of the intelligence behind the saucer-shaped craft remains unknown. As does the motivation for the sudden appearance over residential France in the middle of the day.

It is certainly most likely the case that this damage is a simple and unintended consequence of such close contact between such a cosmic craft and the ground. However, what if these close contact, hovering cases had an agenda of their own? One that involved the materials and chemicals contained in the ground itself?

Other Intriguing “Vegetation” Cases

There are several other UFO cases that have taken place in France around the same time where it appears the vegetation, or the elements within it, are of prime importance to the intelligence behind the (usually) saucer-like objects.

We have examined the Trans-en-Provence case of January 1981 before. On that occasion, not only were several “scorch” marks left in a distinct pattern on the ground but very clear changes to the vegetation were noted, including how withered and dry it appeared.

A little over two years previously – an incident labeled the Christelle Case – revolved around the persistent appearance of flattened grass several days after the sighting of a UFO. Samples of the affected grass were passed to Toulouse University for analysis which would appear to show significant changes to their chemical structure.

Several years later in September 1987, a UFO sighting known as the Joe Le Taxi case featured bizarre lights and sounds near woodland in Avignon. When samples of leaves from the birch trees nearby, significant changes to their chemical and molecular structures were evident.

Might it be, then, that as well as the cases where UFOs are seen over large bodies of water or even draining water tanks on the land of farmers around the world, they are withdrawing various chemicals, minerals, and nutrients from the ground itself?

It is a notion that many UFO researchers have claimed before. That these cosmic visitors, while not necessarily launching outright attacks against humanity, are nevertheless stripping huge amounts of such essential ingredients for life from the planet for their own ends. And while it is a claim a little outlandish, even for some of the most ardent UFO enthusiasts, it is also a claim that several alleged contactees, perhaps most prominently, Albert Bender, have made also.

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