4 Types Of Multidimensional Beings

by Cosmic Oneness All beings are multidimensional including humans. Our problem is that we have forgotten our multidimensional nature and have been disconnected from much of ourselves. The variety of beings out there which you will become aware of through awakening your third eye and spiritual transformation is truly amazing. From nature spirits to angels …

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Asking the Alien Beings for Guidance

Nancy Summonings for Beings

So many times I ask for there help when I was in situations of confusion and not happy with things going on in my life sometimes I meditated or telepathically brought them here other times they just knew and showed up and woke me up with questions and if I was ready to come home …

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Was it teleportation or just an out of body experience? Crikey!

Nancy Thames visitation on Mt Mee boarding by Floating  or Teleportation into a Extraterrestrial Spacecraft. Teleportation Teleportation is the hypothetical transfer of matter or energy from one point to another without traversing the physical space between them. It is a common subject in science fiction literature, film, video games, and television. Teleportation is often paired …

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