Live Regression of Alexander Quinn with Mary Rodwell

My Regression Live Alexander Quinn Sep 25, 2020 Mary Rodwell is one of Australia’s top ET and experienced researchers. She was friends and work colleagues with Dolores Cannon who has worked with over 3000 people over 30 years. She is a trained hypnotherapist and works with individuals to regress them and find out details that …

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Mantis-Insectoid Alien Beings

By Hybrids Rising   Mantis or Insectoid appearing beings have led the Abductee-Experiencer phenomenon from the beginning of our modern day awareness of it. They appear to be at the higher, if not the highest end of the ET hierarchy since they are most always described as overseeing or have a supervisory role in the …

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There’s an alien living inside all of us. Find out which one’s yours!


  Whether we like it or not, aliens now play a big part in our society. Once the subject of fringe theories and crazy folk, extraterrestrials have permeated most aspects of human culture, from science to art and everywhere in between Perhaps you never quite fit in with your peers, or your ambition was never …

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ETS and Mickey

On one evening in March of 1995, without warning, Disney aired a family special. it turned out to be a documentary so controversial that it was pulled from the airwaves and banned from ever being shown again. This is the thrilling story of Alien Encounters from New Tomorrowland! The Banned Disney Documentary on UFOs and …