Traits of the Lyran Starseed

Traits of the Lyra and Vega are in the same vicinity but do have very different traits, as well as some similar ones. I want to highlight the Lyrans, and allow everyone to gain a better insight to them. However, always keep in mind, that you can have a mixture of traits from several places, …

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Your Starseed Origins: The Lyrans

Pleiadian Healer Your Starseed Origins: The Lyrans! Connected to Vega and the feline energy, the Lyrans are ancient, mystical and filled with tons of wisdom. They are also having troubles with feeling lonely, a sense of loss and belonging and simply yearning to be somewhere else than on Planet Earth! I am Pleiadian Healer! I …

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There’s an alien living inside all of us. Find out which one’s yours!


  Whether we like it or not, aliens now play a big part in our society. Once the subject of fringe theories and crazy folk, extraterrestrials have permeated most aspects of human culture, from science to art and everywhere in between Perhaps you never quite fit in with your peers, or your ambition was never …

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Pleiadians Also know as the Nordics

Don’t be alarmed

        Pleiadians are similar to us, but much more advanced spiritually and technologically. They are in constant contact with us and are gently providing information to help us through our transformation from third to fourth density. “Pleiadians, also known as Nordic aliens, are humanoid aliens that come from the stellar systems surrounding …

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