The Mystery of the Tayos Cave

  The Mystery of Tayos Cave – Legendary Metal Library Found in Ecuador   Apr 6, 2020 WHATEVER AROUND THE WORLD In what maybe one of the biggest discoveries ever, a team of explorers is claiming that they have found the legendary golden library and other mysterious treasures in the Tayos Cave system in Ecuador. …

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Are UFOs von Neumann Probes?

Many believe UFOs can’t be extraterrestrial visitors because of the vastness of space. But what if there was a way to explore the entire Milkyway without even leaving the planet? Self-replicating space crafts called von Neumann Probes could probably cross the galaxy in 5-10 million years. Could UFOs actually be von Neumann Probes? What’s the …

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Puzzled Archaeologists Solve History’s Biggest Riddle Hidden in Ancient Archives

Archaeologists puzzle out a clash of Mesoamerican cultures. … a stranger arrived in Tikal, a large Maya city in what is now northern Guatemala. … Three enormous pyramids loomed over the main street, now known as the Avenue of … Owl. But the historical records raise more questions than they answer. I have had the …

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Blue Beings from Inner Earth

Blue Beings of Samoa

  This planet still holds many mysteries, some that reach back to the dark, distant past and survive in the present as legends and folklore. Cultures around the world tell of beings that live inside the earth. Are they real or myth? Zephanaiah believes he actually encountered these beings on the island of Samoa, where …

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UFO / Space Craft sighting in Tupelo, MS

Extraterrestrial star ship above Spring Lake Tupelo, MS

My oldest son and I was sitting and talking on our back porch while living in Tupelo, Ms overlooking Spring Lake in Spring Lake Estates (This was before it developed into a huge subdivision, cow farms around us and a huge silo across the road from us) and while just sitting and chatting with each …

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